Module 2 - Triad Yoga 300 Hr Teacher Certification Program
The third workshop class of Module 2 is titled "Sequencing Laboratory".  Mastering how to sequence a yoga class is an important art and skill for any successful Yoga teacher.  While there are many approaches to consider when sequencing, one method is to address a focus pose.  A focus pose sequence is a sequencing style in which you select a challenging pose and then create a program that will sensibly prepare the body to get there.  Attention can be offered during the sequence to pragmatically and logically prepare the body for the more challenging pose.  This method can help students gain confidence.  Even as they may not achieve the final focus pose, they can see the pathway toward increasing their own level skills.  This will be an interactive workshop with exercises and sharing!
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Instructor:Terry Brown
Costs:Module 2 - Sequencing Laboratory $30.00
Times:Friday ~ June 5th - 5:30PM - 8:30PM