Module 2 - Triad Yoga 300 Hr Teacher Certificiation Program

Triad Yoga's 300 Hour Teacher Certification Program Module 2 was canceled in March due to studio operating restrictions related to COVID-19.  Instead of prolonging the module with a later date or having a long weekend of virtual classes, Terry has decided to break the module down into 3 hour classes, over a 2 month period. These modules will be presented in virtual format and you can participate right in the comfort of your home!  The  anatomy and yoga asana classes are all related to the hips, pelvis, and lumbar spine. This module includes pranayama classes, philosophy talks, and classes on mastering teacher instructor skills.

The first workshop class of Module 2 will emphasize Yoga asana core stability.  Yoga poses and yoga-inspired practices offer some of the most safe and effective methods of strengthening the core stabilizers and toning the midsection.  This workshop class will explore a variety of practices that target the deep core stabilizers, the abdominals, and the back muscles.  The tools offered in this workshop class will assist you in helping you design safe, yet challenging practices. 

Workshop Sign Up
Instructor:Terry Brown
Costs:Module 2 - TYI TT Certification Program Workshop Class $30.00
Times:Saturday, May 23rd ~ 9:00AM - 12:00PM Yoga Asana for Core Stability