Putting A Spring In Your Step

In this workshop, which will be held on Saturday, April11th, 1:00PM - 4:00PM, Sheila and Anne will begin with a gentle floor practice to release and awaken the three lower (earth) chakras followed by Yoga asana to promote stability, strength and stamina.  And powerful breathing practices and guided relaxation makes for a complete and deeply nurturing Yoga experience.

Anne Hoffman is deeply passionate about the study and teachings of Yoga.  During 25 years of studying and teaching Yoga the heart of the practice invites her to combine her curiosity, psychology studies and the wonders of all things being human into answering the questions of what motivates us and how to eliminate suffering in body, mind and heart.

Sheila Wenzel is honored to continue her study and teaching in the healing practice of Yoga for over 18 years.  She deeply believes in the boundless, transformative practice of Yoga and that slowing down, touching each breath with a sense of exploration allows us to sense, awaken and connect to the subtle body-mind-spirit residing within allowing us to always be a student of Yoga and life.

Questions regarding the workshop?

Please contact Sheila at breathingyoga@att.net or Anne at annehoffman@nowhappyyoga.com


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Instructor:Sheila Wenzel and Anne Hoffman
Costs:Putting A Step In Your Step $50.00
Times:Saturday, April 11th ~ 1:00PM -4:00PM