Heart-Opening Workshop

The shoulders, arms and hands are considered to be the 'wings and agent of the heart'.  When our shoulders are tense, tight, and rounded forward, we tend to close off our Heart Center and creating a posture that often leads to shoulder, upper back and neck pain.  This forward posture may also hinder our ability to live according to our life's purpose in that we may feel a sense of fear, hopelessness, or lacking willpower and motivation. 

In this workshop, you will experience gentle yet profound floor movements, yoga postures, breath and guided relaxation practices facilitating opening and releasing tension in the chest, back, neck and shoulders.

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Instructor:Sheila Wenzel and Anne Hoffman
Costs:Heart-Opening Workshop $50.00 or $45.000 if paid by 2/1/2020
Times:Saturday, February 15th ~ 1:00PM - 4:00PM