May Cause Weight Loss

Do you want to feel comfortable in your body during the hot days of summer, jump in the pool without shame, and have that ice cream without guilt?  Imagine making peace with food, ditching the scale, and feeling confident in your own skin!

If you have been wanting to break free from the diet-binge cycle, and find freedom from body image struggles, this is a perfect workshop for you. In a safe and relaxed environment, we will cover the fundamentals of the diet mentality, everything you ever wanted to know about binge-eating (including how to end it), and how to soften the inner critic to create a kinder relationship with yourself and your body.  That, combined with body awareness and breathing techniques, will bring you back to intuitively learning when you're hungry for food, and when you're not.

This 2 hour workshop is partly a lecture followed by a yoga sequence intended to support you as you take steps towards nourishing yourself with joy and intention!  All levels welcome.

Cinthia is an integrative health coach, public speaker, and yoga teacher with expertise in the areas of intuitive eating, behavioral change, and resilience training.  She's on a mission to show people that a healthy relationship with their body is not only possible, it's their birthright.  For more information on the workshop, contact her at

Cancellation Policy:  We rely on accurate attendance count to make important arrangements for our workshops.  For cancellations made more than 14 days prior to the workshop, the administrative fee is $20.00.  Cancellation requests made between the day prior to first workshop date and 14 days will be charged 20% of the workshop fee.  NO refunds for cancellations during the workshop or no shows.

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Instructor:Cinthia Torres
Costs:May Cause Weight Loss $35.00
Times:Saturday, July 13th ~ 10:00AM - 12:00PM