Module 5 - TYI 300 Hr Teacher Certification Program

This program is the next step for teachers who have completed a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance level of teacher training and are ready to deepen their practice and teaching.

This 300 Hour Level Program includes in-depth study of advanced asana, pranayama, and provides a pathway for the student of yoga to continue on their inward journey to experience their true self.

Points of Focus within this Module:

Anatomical Focus: Forearm, Wrist and Hand Complex.  Pranayama: Teaching and Practicing Digital Techniques.  Therapeutics: Carpel Tunnel, Elbow Tendonitis, and Other Challenges for the Arms.  Asana:  Developing Skill and Strength in the Upper Extremities.  Book Discussion: "Polishing the Mirror" by Ram Dass.  The Ethics and Practical Use of Hands on Adjustments.  Applied Philosophy for Teachers and Students.  And More!

To register as a 300 Hour Level Teacher Training Student, please include a one time registration fee of $50.00 with the program application, available at

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Instructor:Terry Brown
Costs:Module 5 - TYI 300 Hr Teacher Certification Program $275.00
Times:Friday, May 17th - 1:00PM - 7:00PM Saturday, May 18th - 8:30AM - 7:30PM Sunday, May 19th - 8:30AM - 4:30PM