To register, fill out the application on the Application page and submit or mail, or bring your application form to the Triad Yoga Institute for your first class or drop-in. Payment is due at the time of registration.

Mailing Address
Triad Yoga Institute
3506 Madison Ave
Greensboro NC 27403

Please enclose full tuition with your application to reserve your class space.
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90 Day Class Pass
Classes at the Triad Yoga Institute are ongoing. You may start or drop-in anytime. Beginners may opt to start at the beginning of a new class period.

The Triad Yoga Institute sells individual classes or blocks of classes that are good for 90 days. Purchasing a block of classes can reduce the cost you pay for the classes you attend. Passes are valid for a limited period of time and can expire. Classes that are not used before the expiration date are forfeited.
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One time drop-in class fee: $13.00

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Tuition Options for 90 Day Class Passes
6 classes - $ 72.00 ($12.00 per class)
10 classes - $ 110.00 ($11.00 per class)
18 classes - $ 153.00 ($8.50 per class)

These are the standard class packages.

Other class packages:
Unlimited class package - $ 250.00 for 90 days. Not available with a discount.
Family discount - Families of 2 or more receive 10% off their total tuitions when joining together.
Senior discount - 10% off tuitions for Seniors (60+)
Military discount - 10% off tuitions for Military Personnel
Student discount - 10% off tuitions for Students

Discounts - Only 1 discount available per person.
Discounts do not apply to the drop-in fee or unlimited class package.
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All class packages expire 90 days from the date you use your first class. Missed classes can be made up in other classes comparable to your level of study.
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You may cancel your pass within the first seven days of purchase and receive the balance remaining on your pass. After seven days you must use your pass for classes before it expires, or the remaining balance is forfeited.
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Returned Checks
There will be a $ 15.00 service fee for returned checks.
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Class Cards
Tuition for classes is nontransferable to other students or other guest drop-ins. Class cards may only be used by the registered student.
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Class Reminders
Wear clothing you can move easily in - bare feet are essential. Do not eat a meal closer than three hours before class. Alert your instructor to any physical problems. Be on time for class. The class is a total experience. Arriving late not only compromises your experience, it will also disturb you classmates. Always turn off your cell phone. This is your time.
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