East Coast Yoga Therapy Yoga Therapist Training Program began accepting students January, 2016. ECYT is the only program accredited by the International Yoga Therapists Association in the state of North Carolina.


Although all yoga is potentially therapeutic and healing, Yoga Therapy is the specific application of yogic tools-postures/exercises, breath work, meditation techniques, and more-to address an individual's physical, mental, and emotional needs. Many people first learn about yoga through its physical practices, but a common misconception is that it's all about stretching or movement. In fact, Yoga Therapy can help people who can't move at all, as well as active individuals!


ECYT Yoga Therapist Training Program requires 815 contact hours of study and may be completed in four years.  Your journey starts with the Introductory Module, which is offered each year in January.


Once you've completed that, there are 13 additional modules and 4 guest-teacher units to attend. Our four-day (Thursday – Sunday) module format allows you to take care of your work and home responsibilities while completing your studies.


The full program is offered as a four-year cycle. The 815 hour program also includes 228 hours of mentored practicum assessing clients with a variety of health concerns and designing their personalized Yoga Therapy programs.


Why Study to become a Yoga Therapist from an Accredited School?

·         Be a part of a program that meets the internationally recognized standards for the emerging field of Yoga Therapy.  


·         Deepen your understanding of the healing gifts of Yoga.


·         Learn how to help your clients who suffer from physical conditions such as chronic pain, autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, and more.


·         Learn to assess clients and determine the best practices for their condition.


·         Acquire a wide range of Yoga Therapy tools that can empower clients to facilitate their own well-being at physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


·         Connect with a community of Yoga Therapists and other health care professionals.


·         Received close guidance from a professional Certified Yoga Therapist when seeing clients one-on-one during the training.


To learn more about East Coast Yoga Therapy and their training program, visit: www.eastcoastyogatherapy.com