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Congrats to East Coast Yoga Therapy!!!

Congratulations to Valerie Kiser and Terry Brown on being recognized Saturday evening at the Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research for the accreditation of their school East Coast Yoga Therapy.  They are one of 36 schools worldwide to have this accreditation!


Interested in learning more about this 815-Hour Yoga Therapeutics Certification Program?  There will be an Open  House at Triad Yoga on Sunday, November 25th, 1:00PM - 2:00PM.  Valerie and Terry invite you to attend as they will present information about the program. 

Yoga Basics: From the Foundation Up - Current Session Started Wednesday, August 22nd

Yoga Basics: From the Foundation Up is a class offered on Wednesday, 5:45PM - 7:00PM. This will be an 8 week class taught by Adelfa Hill that restarts every 8 weeks. 

New students to yoga may find themselves more comfortable in a class that starts in a place that has a "beginning". Here is that class!

Here is what the new student to yoga will learn: All the basic foundation yoga poses for beginner students. How the pose should be aligned well with the body for the maximal benefit. How to adapt a yoga pose to meet the need of your individual body. How to practice the poses safely. How to use all the yoga props. How to breathe properly in the poses.

Students may join at anytime!

Fluidity, Mobility and Stability - with Sheila Wenzel, Saturday, September 22nd, 10:30AM - 12:30PM

This workshop is cancelled ~ full refunds will be issued.  TYI apologizes for any inconvenience.


TYI Presents Special 6 Week Programs - Tuesdays 7:15PM - 8:30PM

Every 6 weeks TYI will present a special topic to enhance your area of interest and practice.  No registration is required, just use your class pass.

Curvy Yoga - September 11th - October 16th

Join Carra for a 6 weeks series of Curvy Yoga classes which is a body positive series that celebrates people of all shapes and sizes.  Emphasis will be placed on proper alignment, body awareness, and linking breath with movement.  All levels welcome.

Anatomy Yoga: The Myofascial Meridians - October 23rd - November 27th

Join Liz and her skeleton pay Pat for anatomy in 3-D! Explore the body's tensile network one layer at a time through Asana.  Gain a deeper understanding of how restriction of movement can be both the cause and effect of common postural patterns and chronic pain.  All levels welcome.

Triad Yoga 300hr Teacher Training Certification Workshop

Triad Yoga continues to graduate its students from the 300hr Teacher Training Certification Program. As a requirement, the students need to prepare and teach a workshop. These workshops cost $5.00, space is limited and registration is available at the front desk or by calling the studio and reserving your space. The next scheduled workshops West Market Street Studio are:

Friday, October 5th, 6:00PM - 7:30PM, Surrender Into Gomukhasana with Susie Beekman

Join Susie on a journey of surrender as we open into the peak pose of Gomukhasana.  Release expectations and preconceived notions as we step into the flow.  Practice relaxing and releasing into thoughtfully sequenced asanas to methodically open the compartments of our hips and shoulders.  These are common areas to hold tension, stress and pain.  Expect to work powerfully, but with an intention to surrender.  By surrendering into the opening we will relax muscles, experiencing greater depth and impairing a deep sense of calm.  Surrender... Let Go.  Six months of asana experience welcome.

Saturday, October 6th, 1:00PM - 2:30PM, Befriend Your Body:  Tending the Body and Mind When Challenged With An Autoimmune Disease with Linda Hiatt

At some point in our lives, many of us fall out of love with our birthday suits and begin to question and compare ourselves with others.  This can be especially challenging for those who live with chronic autoimmune diseases when the body actually begins to attack itself.   Even if we are not living with a chronic disease, self-love can be a daily battle.  Join us as we learn to follow our breath, listen to our body and cultivate loving awareness of our one-of-a-kind selves.  All levels welcome, no acute disease flares please.

Anatomy Yoga with Liz Salter and Her Skeleton Assistant! October 5th - 7th

Liz  and her skeleton assistant, Pat, offer their Anatomy Yoga, October 5th - 7th.

Friday, October 5th, 5:30PM - 7:00PM - Fascia: 101 ~ A visual guide to the new science of connective tissue, what is it, what's it made of, and why do I keep hearing about it?

Saturday, October 6th, 9:30AM - 12:30PM - The Lower Leg & Foot ~ A look at the mechanisms that support the arches and their role in walking.

Saturday, October 6th, 2:00PM - 5:00PM - Muscles of the Hip and Thigh ~ See on the skeleton the muscles that support our upright posture and bipedal movements.

Sunday, October 7th, 9:30AM - 12:30PM - The Shoulder Girdle ~ Discover the layers of muscles that attach the arm to the torso and how they can inhibit movement.

Sunday, October 7th, 2:00PM - 5:00PM - The Diaphragm and Torso ~ Explore the primary muscle of breathing and all the muscles that support it.

All classes include interactive lectures and gentle yoga practices.  All levels welcome.

Workshop costs:  Friday, $25.00, Saturday/Sunday $40.00 each class.  Sign up before September 28th, and all classes are $150.00.  Registration is available under "Workshops".

Questions?  Email Liz at



"The Open Heart Workshop, Yoga to Expand Your Heart and Release Stress" - The Art of Living Retreat Center - October 18th - 21st
Terry Brown and Heather Patton invite you to join them for their "The Open Heart Workshop, Yoga to Expand your Heart and Release Stress" to be held October 18th - 21st, at the Art of Living Retreat Center located near Boone, NC.

"The Open Heart Workshop, Yoga to Expand your Heart and Release Stress" is a program that explores how the many tools of yoga, including asana, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy can help us focus on connecting to our hearts and rediscover the peace within during stressful times.     

Terry and Heather combine their years of experience of study, practice, and teaching to bring to you simple and direct approaches to learn how to maintain a life of wellness and happiness! This retreat is a chance to take a break from your busy life and become firmly grounded and centered.

Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this 4 day and 3 night retreat offers a balance of yoga, nutrition, and time to relax and restore yourself to your natural whole being!

Yoga practice sessions are accessible to all levels of experience. Evening and afternoon practices are restorative and pranayama or Yoga Nidra. Delicious healthy vegetarian meals are provided daily. Comfortable rooms available with mountain views or forest views. Choose between hotel style rooms and retreat rooms. Hiking trails are available. Spa treatments, including massage and holistic facials are available during free time. Bring your own yoga mat and yoga blankets. The center provides yoga blocks and belts.

To book your workshop, room and meals visit the The Art of Living Retreat Center website at