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Studio Announcement

TYI re-opened on Monday, September 21st, with limited in-person Studio attendance.  Our classes will be offered in a combination Zoom/In Person format.  On line registration is required through our Mindbody software.

In class attendance is limited to 12 students.

When registering for a class, please make sure that you select the option that you want to attend, either the "In Studio Option" or the "Zoom Option".

For a limited remaining time, we will offer our Welcome Back Class Package.

6 Classes ~ $54.00, 10 Classes ~ $90.00, 60 Day Unlimited In Person/Zoom Combo $99.00.  The $50.00, 30 Day Unlimited Zoom Pass will continue to be offered.

Please note that there will be two additional classes added to the schedule starting the week of November 16th. 

Terry will offer a second Healthy Back and Spine Class, which will be a Studio Only option, starting Monday, November 16th, 4:00PM - 5:00pm.  This class will utilize the Yoga Wall and will be limited to 8 students only.

Susan Rostand will offer a Tuesday evening, 6:00PM - 7:00PM, Zoom Only, Gentle Yoga Class, which starts on November 17th.

As always, please bring your own props and wear you mask!


Online Classes at TYI

Please visit "Classes", then "Schedule" to book the "Zoom" or "In Class" class that you would like to attend.

If new to the Mindbody sign in process, use your email address and create a password to begin the sign in process.

From the home page, select "Classes", then "Schedule".  From the schedule screen in the upper right hand of the page, if you need to create your account, select "Create account" or if you already have created your account, select "Sign In".  (Please note that if you are or have been a student at Triad Yoga, we probably have an email in your account already ~ that will be your sign in and you will then need to reset password which will email a link to you.  If you would like a different email for this process, please contact Jerry @ and he will make that change before the above process.) Also from this page you will see future classes and can Sign Up for them from this page.

The Mindbody App is very easy to use and can be downloaded from your app store.

You must register for your class through MindBody 60 minutes before the class scheduled time.  That is the cut off time for registration as an email zoom link will then be emailed to those that have registered for that class, 30 minutes before the class time. 

Monday ~ 9:00AM ~ Mixed Levels with Jerry   

Monday ~ 4:00PM ~ Healthy Back & Spine with Terry

Monday ~ 5:30PM ~ Level 2 with Terry              

Tuesday ~ 9:00AM ~ Mixed Levels with Richard


Tuesday ~ 6:00PM ~ Gentle Yoga with Susan


Tuesday ~ 6:00PM ~ Mixed Levels with Terry


Wednesday ~ 9:00AM ~ Mixed Levels with Carra


Wednesday ~ 4:00PM ~ Healthy Back and Spine with Terry


Wednesday ~ 5:30PM ~ Yoga Studies December 2nd - Yoga to Strengthen the Back and Truck Stabilizers


Thursday ~ 9:00AM ~ Mixed Levels with Terry  


Thursday ~ 10:30AM ~ Yoga Therapeutics & Chair Exercise with Terry


Thursday ~ 5:30PM ~ Mixed Levels 3R's - Reconnect, Re-energize & Restore with Laura


Friday ~ 9:00AM ~ Gentle with Sheila


Saturday ~ 9:00AM - Mixed Levels with Abby


Sunday ~ 4:00PM ~ Mixed Levels with Lora



A BIG Thank You to Adelfa as she has set up a YouTube account for posting of classes for later viewing.


The Triad Yoga YouTube channel is up: 



Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

During this time of uncertainty, Terry will be offering live private yoga therapy sessions.  To schedule or ask questions, contact him directly at

Triad Yoga Institute 200 Hour Teacher Training Program Update

The Triad Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Certification Program will postpone the starting date until January 8-10, 2021.  We feel that with regards to the pandemic and COVID-19 restrictions that this is the best option at this time.

There will be a free introductory class offered on Saturday, December 12th, 1:00PM - 3:00PM to experience a sample of Triad Yoga's 200HR Teacher Certification Program.  This class is an opportunity to learn more about the structure of the weekend trainings, what will be presented, assignments, and what is expected of students in the program.  This is also an opportunity for a question and answer session with the director of the program, Terry Brown.  The class will be offered on a Zoom meeting and also live at the West Market Street Studio.

Please email Terry, for registration.

The first 4 weekend dates are posted under the Teacher Certification tab.  The rest of the schedule will be posted soon.

Please email Terry,, with any questions about the upcoming teacher certification program.

Triad Yoga 300hr Teacher Training Certification Workshops

Triad Yoga continues to graduate its students from the 300hr Teacher Training Certification Program. As a requirement, the students need to prepare and teach a workshop.  This workshop if limited to 12 participants.

Yoga for Managing Anger, Saturday, December 5th, 11:00AM - 12:15PM, led by Ashlee Coley. - CLOSED OUT

Join Ashlee as we explore together our thoughts of impatience, annoyance, irritation, frustration, and anger.  We will intentionally practice letting those thoughts go using a balancing breath practice; asana requiring focus and balance; twisting to stimulate the solar plexus chakra; forward bends for cooling; and, a gentle restorative inversion to change our perspective.  One year asana experience preferred.