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Triad Yoga Institute's 200 Hour Teacher Certification Program Announcement

Due to the restrictions in effect for group classes related to Covid-19, the first two training weekends of The Triad Yoga Institute's 200 Hour Teacher Certification Program will be held virtually.  This means you can start the program in your own home.  The program starts September 9th.

Depending on our state and local guidelines, we hope to move to live classes by November.

Please email Terry,, with any questions about the upcoming TT program.

Online Classes at TYI

Please visit "Classes", then "Schedule" to book the zoom classes that you would like to attend.

If new to the Mindbody sign in process, use your email address and create a password to begin the sign in process.

From the home page, select "Classes", then "Schedule".  From the schedule screen in the upper right hand of the page, if you need to create your account, select "Create account" or if you already have created your account, select "Sign In".  (Please note that if you are or have been a student at Triad Yoga, we probably have an email in your account already ~ that will be your sign in and you will then need to reset password which will email a link to you.  If you would like a different email for this process, please contact Jerry @ and he will make that change before the above process.) Also from this page you will see future classes and can Sign Up for them from this page.

The Mindbody App is very easy to use and can be downloaded from your app store.

You must register for your class through MindBody 60 minutes before the class scheduled time.  That is the cut off time for registration as an email zoom link will then be emailed to those that have registered for that class, 30 minutes before the class time. 

Monday ~ 9:00AM ~ Mixed Levels with Jerry   

Monday ~ 5:30PM ~ Level 2 with Terry                

Tuesday ~ 9:00AM ~ Mixed Levels with Richard


Tuesday ~ 6:00PM ~ Mixed Levels with Terry


Wednesday ~ 4:00PM ~ Healthy Back and Spine with Terry


Wednesday ~ 5:30PM ~ Yoga Studies/Yoga for the Jaw, Neck, and Shoulders


Thursday ~ 9:00AM ~ Mixed Levels with Terry  


Thursday ~ 10:30AM ~ Yoga Therapeutics & Chair Exercise with Terry


Thursday ~ 5:30PM ~ Mixed Levels 3R's - Reconnect, Re-energize & Restore with Laura


Friday ~ 9:00AM ~ Gentle with Sheila


Saturday ~ 9:00AM - Mixed Levels with Abby


Sunday ~ 4:00PM ~ Mixed Levels with Lora



A BIG Thank You to Adelfa as she has set up a YouTube account for posting of classes for later viewing.


The Triad Yoga YouTube channel is up: 



Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

During this time of uncertainty, Terry will be offering live private yoga therapy sessions.  To schedule or ask questions, contact him directly at

Private Yoga Sessions on "The Great Yoga Wall"

Missing hanging out on the Yoga Wall in your Healthy Back and Spine Class since the cancellation of yoga classes due to COVID-19? 

Terry will now offer 25 minute private Yoga sessions with focus on practices for you on The Great Yoga Wall.  In a sanitized and safe environment, Terry will oversee you in supported poses like Downward Facing Dog to enhance spinal decompression.  The Great Yoga Wall can be used to safely support the body and enhance spinal traction in a variety of practices.  Please note that social distancing will be practiced in these private sessions and all participants should wear a facemask.  25 minute session, $25.00, and please contact Terry at to set up your appointment.



Yoga Workshop Immersion - Weekend 2 - August 14th - 16th

Terry Brown will present this workshop, Yoga Workshop Immersion Weekend 2, Developing Skills in Your Practice in the Safety of Your Home, August 14th - 16th.

This workshop is for teachers and students that wish to challenge their practice and sequencing skills.  Some of the classes in this 2 part program will focus on safe and mindful practices that lead you to a goal pose.  Other practices will focus on refining our skills in poses you already practice and others on specific areas of the body.  These classes will be modified to allow you to practice safely at home with your computer.

Friday, August 14th ~ 6:00PM - 8:30PM - Strengthening Your Legs with Yoga

Aadil Palkhivala said in one of the classes Terry took with him that practicing the Yoga asanas with attention to good alignment can keep your legs healthy and strong for all your years.  The postures of the lower body are designed to utilize the legs in a variety of positions and help to create stability and balance.  Holding the poses, keeping the pose steady and your breath smooth, while maintaining proper alignment, will improve your ability to concentrate and focus.  This workshop will focus on how to use your Yoga to develop more powerful legs.

Saturday, August 15th ~ 9:00AM - 12:00PM - Exploring the Path to Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (The One-Legged King Pigeon Pose)

While this posture is considered an advanced yoga asana, its many components can be practiced with great ease and lead students to settle into a comfortable variation of the posture.  The class will address how to prepare the hips, how to direct the spine to move into a graceful backbend, and open the shoulders so the arms can reach up and over the head.  When practiced with refinements, a full understanding of the body and where all components should be in place, this pose offers a boost in energy and a release of tension in the shoulders, spine, and hips.

Saturday, August 15th ~ 1:30PM - 4:30PM - Creating Balance in the Nervous System

Stress begins in the mind and then is held in the nervous system.  When the nervous system is saturated, the stress flows into the muscles and organs of the body.  Since most stress is perceived stress, it is important to have techniques that you can use to control the mind, release the chaos in our heads and thereby keep the body healthy.  This class will sequence asana, pranayama, and meditation, along with Yoga philosophy, that can help us unwind the challenges that stress causes us in our liv

Sunday, August 16th ~ 9:00AM - 12:00PM - Deepening Your Practice of Twists

Twists help to stretch and maintain flexibility in the intervertebral discs and ligaments, open the hips and shoulders, massage the internal organs, improve digestion, stimulate the seven energy centers (chakras), and help reduce the effects of stress physically and emotionally.  This studies class will spend time taking the twist practice to the next level.  Afterward, you should feel more energy flowing throughout your body, the breath may feel deeper, and the organs of digestion and elimination will be regenerated.

Sunday, August 16th ~ 1:30PM - 4:00PM - Releasing the Tension in the Diaphragm

Day to day stress causes a natural response for the breathing muscle known as the diaphragm to tighten.  Repeated stress without relief can cause it to become chronically tight, which reduces oxygen to the blood and improves the health of our internal organs.  Using asana and pranayama, this practice sequence helps us understand how to release tension in the diaphragm, improve our overall health, and help us to feel more energized.

Full weekend - all 5 classes $160.00.  Individual classes are $35.00.  Registration is available under "Workshops".

Triad Yoga 300hr Teacher Training Certification Workshops

Triad Yoga continues to graduate its students from the 300hr Teacher Training Certification Program. As a requirement, the students need to prepare and teach a workshop.  This workshop if limited to 12 participants.

This workshop will be offered through Zoom.  Please register in advance by emailing, or by calling the Studio at 336.851.0366.  With your registration, you will be emailed a link the day of the workshop.

 S.O.A.R. Into Garudasana with Sarah Cheffy ~ Thursday, August 13th, 6:00PM - 7:15PM (Closed Out)

Come S.O.A.R. into Garudasana!  Class will be broke down into four sections to achieve eagle pose using the acronym S.O.A.R.; Stabilizing and grounding, Opening hips, Arm flexibility, and Restoring.  Explore the mythical story around Garudasana while bringing awareness and ease to this balance posture.  6 months asana experience welcome.

Finding Unity and Intention to Live Our Yoga Practice, Chakra Alignment and Balancing with Barbara Smith ~ Thursday, August 27th, 6:00PM - 7:15PM. (CLOSED OUT)

What are the chakras and what role do they play in creating, using, and sharing energy within us?  How does their balance or imbalance affect our daily lives?  How can we find integration within our physical, emotional and spiritual selves by connecting to this higher system of energy?  In this workshop, we will learn the basics of chakra alignment and its relationship to both our yoga practice and our everyday lives.  Please join Barbara on this journey of self-discovery, positive intention, and spiritual growth - all levels welcome!